Yoodeal, founded in 2012, is a personal shopper and a marketplace that helps people find the best offers and a variety of services (such as reservations), presenting and curating them based on “context”, usage patterns and needs.

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It’s all thanks to an innovative contextual personalization and ranking algorithm, able to gather and personalize online promotions based on natural language analysis, and further categorization and ranking for each particular shopper. In this way, buyers & sellers can be connected in real time, guaranteeing trust and performance buyers can save money and time by finding the most appropriate offers for their unique interests - what they really need, no irrelevant advertising -, while sellers can receive qualified leads.

Furthermore we built a pure B2B model for the hundreds of thousands of stores, restaurants and service businesses out there. Thanks to a specific partnership, we now allow any merchant defines by itself, his own bid


Yoodeal Logo